Quantity Estimates

TrenchEstablishing accurate estimates of the quantities of materials that will be required to build your project is a fundamental part of the planning and budgeting process. You could do this yourself if you are experienced in building, probably using a commercial computer software to assist. Alternatively you could employ the services of a qualified professional Quantity Surveyor to provide this key information for you.

Most building contractors use quantity surveyors to accurately establish all the materials required, and to establish elements like depth of foundations required, volumes of earth to be excavated and moved, construction times, drainage materials and works, etc. It is based on the information from the quantity survey that the builder will prepare his tender for the works.

The Quantity Surveyor will identify and collate the costs involved in order to develop an overall budget for the project. A schedule of quantities will be prepared and you can use this to establish what your costs will be, and to control your purchasing as the project develops.

MaterialsIt is also worthwhile establishing the basic layouts and designs of your bathrooms and kitchens so that drainage, water and electrical requirements can be factored in at this stage. Your Buildbase centre will be pleased to assist with kitchen and bathroom layouts and costings.

If you will be employing contractors to build parts of your project a Quantity Surveyor can provide additional services to assist you to control resources to meet contract commitments by deciding how much of a job should be paid for at any stage.

With finance costs to consider there is no point in paying money before it is due. In the event of changes to plans as you go along, the Quantity Surveyor can also be called on, if required, to assess the cost effects and agree any variations with your contractors.


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